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One thing many Lake Norman area homeowners forget is to regularly wash the exterior surfaces of the house.

And if you think leaving your outdoor surfaces unattended is a good idea, we recommend you think again. Not only will the curb appeal of your home drop like a rock, but the price of your property will also drop.

NC weather can really do a number on your home if you don’t act in time. Hot temperature and humidity are perfect for all types of bacteria and mold to form on your roof and the façade. If you don’t take care of all that dirt, mold, and grime, you might even endanger your loved ones!

Are you tired of smelly trash cans? Give us a call and we will come just after trash/recycle pickup and Clean, Sanitize, and Deodorize your trash cans.

Thankfully, there’s an easy solution to this problem – hire us! Here at Hydro Cannon Cleaners, our mission is to keep your outdoor surfaces as clean as a whistle at an affordable price. We have a solid work ethic, and we’ll go above and beyond to make you satisfied!

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